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190-1101       MOBIL TRANCEIVER HTX-100              Faxback Doc. # 21286

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Reference #             Cat.No.   Description                NP Part #
                        11318540                             1N4003A    
                        11319241                             1N5401     
                        11319373                             1N60P      
                        11319639  DIODE 1SS119 FAST RECT SI  1SS119     
Q401 Q403 Q404                    USE 1TD0793                1TD0013    
                                  REPLACED BY 1TD0793        1TD0013    
Q402                    10511616  XSTR M6TB SI PNP LO-PW     1TD0104    
                        10511616                             1TD0104    
                        10516458                             1TD0793    
                        11330503  REPLACED BY 2TR0195        2SB525     
                        10532232                             2SC1674    
                        11331535                             2SC1675    
                        11331576  REPLACED BY 2TR0358        2SC1730    
                        11331741                             2SC1923    
                        11331998  REPLACED BY 2TR0420        2SC2166    
                        10519239  REPLACED BY 2TR0698        2SC945     
Q034                              XSTR 2SC2086D T092         2TR0415    
Q024 Q027               11483682  XSTR 2SC3242AE T092        2TR0597    
                        11483682                             2TR0597    
                        11390036  MODULATOR 7 PIN DIP        AN612      
L301                              COIL,LE-246 D0.6 3 1/2T    CA0428     
                                  PLL105MHZ VCO              CA0428     
L315                              COIL,INDUCTOR MOLDED 10UH  CA0433     
L012 L013 L313          10558740  COIL,LB-689 CARRIER OSC    CA0822     
L003-005                          COIL,LB-691 IF             CA0823     
L008 L026               10558757  COIL,LB-692 IF AMP TX MIX  CA0824     
L001                              COIL,LB-693 NOISE BLANKER  CA0825     
L007                              COIL,LB-694 IF AMPLIFIER   CA0826     
L002                              COIL,LB-695 RF TRANS       CA0827     
L019                              COIL,LD-221 RF             CA0828     
L024                    10558765  COIL,LD-228 AT0502T-3012   CA0829     
                        10558765  MATCHING TRANS             CA0829     
L020                              COIL,LD-275 MATCHNG TRANS  CA0830     
L017 L018               10558773  COIL,LD-230 MATCHNG TRANS  CA0831     
L015                              COIL,LE-092 6 1/2T LPF     CA0832     
L006                              COIL,INDUCTR LZ-051 470UH  CA0833     
                                  SP0305-471K MOLDED         CA0833     
L312                    10558781  COIL,LB-682 PLL MIX        CA0834     
L303 L304 L311                    COIL,LB-683 PLL MIX        CA0835     
L302                    10558799  COIL,LB-684 105MHZ VCO     CA0836     
L321                    10558807  COIL,LB-685 22MHZ VCXO     CA0837     
L317                              COIL,LB-686 LOCAL OSC      CA0838     
L318                              COIL,LB-687 LOCAL OSC BPF  CA0839     
L319                              COIL,LB-688 LOCAL OSC BPF  CA0840     
L309                              COIL,INDUCTOR LZ-051       CA0841     
                                  MOLDED                     CA0841     
L314                              COIL,INDUCTOR LZ-051       CA0842     
                                  MOLDED                     CA0842     
L025                              COIL,LE-201 D2.4 3 1/2TRF  CA1547     
L014                              COIL,27MHZ LE-096 TX       CA2030     
                                  8 1/2T LPF                 CA2030     
L021-023                10567824  COIL,BEADS LD087           CA8742     
                        10567824  LD087 BF04-3*5*1           CA8742     
L009 L011                         COIL,470UH RF INDUCTOR     CA8752     
                                  MOLDED                     CA8752     
L316                              COIL,INDUCTOR LZ044        CA8968     
                                  262LY-682K                 CA8968     
FT002                   10569036  FILTER,FL-285 10.695MHZ    CB0133     
                        10569036  X'TAL FILTER               CB0133     
FT003                   10569044  FILTER,FL-328 TX BPF       CB0134     
FT001                             FILTER,FL-329 RX BPF       CB0137     
L016                              COIL, CHOKE 27MHZ LE-093   CB2612     
                                  7 1/2T LPF                 CB2612     
C402                    10577567  22000PF +-10    50V   CER  CDR223KJBC 
                        10577567  CASE 1206 PKG OF 5         CDR223KJBC 
C406 C419                         .01UF   +-20    16V   CER  CJ103MDCCC 
                        10579746  PKG OF 10                  CJ470JJBCC 
Y401                    10587970  RESONATOR,2PIN YY-548 CER  CV0026     
                        10587970  CSA2.000MK                 CV0026     
X301                    10589117  CRYSTAL,10.2417KHZ         CX0080     
X001                    10595262  CRYSTAL,10.6975 QX-122     CX1014     
X302                    10595270  CRYSTAL,QX-287 22.0MHZ     CX1015     
                        11655909  DIODE SI LLL4148           DD00005    
D033                    10620953  DIODE VARISTOR KB-262      DV0005     
                        10620953  MA29W-A(TA)                DV0005     
D036 D037               10620961  VARISTOR,NVS-03            DV0006     
D306                    10620979  DIODE KV1330A VARICAP      DV0007     
                        10620979  TRANSISTOR                 DV0007     
D010 D011               10624294  DIODE MC301                DX0985     
                        10624294                             DX0985     
D004                              USE DX1970                 DX1073     
                                  REPLACED BY DX1970         DX1073     
D024                              DIODE ZN HZ5C1             DX1097     
D401 D405 D406 D408     10626216  USE DD00005                DX1673     
D409                    10626216                             DX1673     
                        10627131  DIODE HZ-3B-2 HZ-3B-3      DX1970     
D301-305                10629178  DIODE 1SV113 SI            DX2562     
                        10629178                             DX2562     
D407                    10629343  DIODE ZN HZ-6A2            DX2619     
                        10629343                             DX2619     
3                                 HOLDER,LED ABS BLACK       HB0278     
YW501-503                         CLAMPER, WIRE              HC3240     
68                                PLATE, SPRING KNOB         HC3252     
YI504-508                         BUSHING, TRANSISTOR        HC3416     
                                  AFTER DATE CODE 8A8        HC3416     
16                                SHIELD CASE,SECC 0.8T      HC5271     
21                                SHIELD PLATE,SPTE 0.3T     HC5273     
                                  NON OIL                    HC5273     
32                      10683811  INSULATION PLATE,PVC .35T  HC5274     
33                      10683829  INSULATION PLATE,0.35T     HC5275     
                        10683829  PVC                        HC5275     
57                      10694537  SCREW 3.5X8 TAPPING        HD3043     
                        10694537  FOR MIC. CLIP              HD3043     
67                      10694552  SCREW,3X8 P TIGHT BIND NI  HD3109     
51                      10694594  SCREW 3X5 FLAT,BELT CLIP   HD4018     
31                                WASHER,INSULATION 0.5T     HD8183     
                                  PVC 0.5T BLACK             HD8183     
F501                    10698322  FUSE 6.00A 250V FAST BLOW  HF1116     
                        10698322  PKG OF 5                   HF1116     
                        10714780  SCREW TT BH M3X6 BNI (8)   HW1901101  
J502                    10720654  JACK,MIC MALE 8P JK-467    J0165      
J501                    10726040  CONNECTOR M-TYPE           J0843      
                        10726040  JK-426                     J0843      
J504                    10727089  JACK,2P PHONE 3.5MM        J0960      
                        10727089  JK-010 W/O WASHER          J0960      
J003 J004               10730711  JACK,EARPHONE 3.5MM        J1545      
                        10730711  3 PIN                      J1545      
J503                    10732204  JACK, DC POWER CONNECTOR   J5272      
J301                              CONNECTOR,2 PIN METAL      JE0018     
                                  (LOCAL OUT)                JE0018     
J302                    10740421  CONNECTOR,5267-08A 8 PIN   JE0102     
                        10740421  PLL MICOM CONN             JE0102     
J303                    10740785  CONNECTOR,JACK 5267-03A    JE0382     
                                  NOT STOCKED                K0000X     
6                       10759926  KNOB,CHANNEL ABS DK GRAY   K1881      
                        10759926  ASSEMBLY                   K1881      
7                       10759934  KNOB,PUSH ABS DK GRAY      K1882      
8                       10759942  BUTTON,CHANNEL ABS DK GRY  K1883      
9                       10759959  KNOB,ABS DARK GRAY         K1884      
                        10759959  ASSEMBLY                   K1884      
PL501                   10790624  LAMP,PILOT 8V 150MA        L0108      
                        10790624  W/COVER RUBBER (GREEN)     L0108      
D601-603 D605 D606      10796910  LED,DIODE                  LA0078     
                        10796910                             LA0078     
LC401                   10800035  LCD,DL-032 21 PIN          LB0038     
                        11391604  9 PIN SIP                  LB1423N    
IC301 IC501             11468972  IC LM340T8 TO220 T REG 8V  LM340T8    
                        11468972                             LM340T8    
                                  REPLACED BY MC0001         M3156      
MC501                   10804706  MICROPHONE,COMPLETE MK389  MA0020     
                        10804706  600 OHM,DYNAMIC            MA0020     
                        10808384  BRACKET,MICROPHONE         MC0001     
                        10808483  TYPE MTG SCREWS            MC0014     
                        11379633  SILICON NPN                MFR477     
                        10822641  MANUAL,SERVICE 19-1101     MS1901101  
                        10844462  XEROX COPY                 MU1901101  
IC302                   10874162  IC,SM5152A1 PLL 9 PIN SIP  MX0884     
                        10874162                             MX0884     
                        10877231  USE LM340T8                MX1449     
IC305                   10877249  IC,PLL0305A 18 PIN DIP     MX1450     
                        10877249                             MX1450     
IC303                             IC,M54460L PRESCALER 8PS   MX1451     
IC405                   10877256  IC,L78M05CV REGULATOR      MX1452     
                        10877256                             MX1452     
IC404                   10877264  IC,M51953BL RESET 5P SIP   MX1453     
                        10877264                             MX1453     
IC402                   10877272  IC,UC1208 UP 64P FLAT PAK  MX1454     
                        10877272                             MX1454     
IC401                   10877280  IC,LH5008TP LCD DRIVER     MX1455     
                        10877280  FLAT PACK                  MX1455     
                        10883239  IC,M5223L OP AMPS DUAL 8P  MX2265     
IC304 IC306             10894129  S042P MIXER                MX3919     
                        10894129  14 PIN DIP                 MX3919     
IC403                   10894293  HD14093BP NAND TRGR        MX3960     
                        10894293  14 PIN DIP                 MX3960     
IC001                             USE MX2265                 MXP0040    
                                  REPLACED BY MX2265         MXP0040    
                                  PKG OF 10                  N0092ECCC  
R416 R426 R427                    USE NDR0196EBC             ND0196EBC  
                                  REPLACED BY NDR0196EBC     ND0196EBC  
                                  REPLACED BY NDR0196EBC     ND0196EBCB 
R406                              USE NDR0216EBC             ND0216EBC  
                                  REPLACED BY NDR0216EBC     ND0216EBC  
R406                              USE NDR0216EBC             ND0216EBCB 
                                  REPLACED BY NDR0216EBC     ND0216EBCB 
R411 R429                         USE NDR0257EBC             ND0257EBC  
                                  REPLACED BY NDR0257EBC     ND0257EBC  
R411 R429                         USE NDR0257EBC             ND0257EBCB 
                                  REPLACED BY NDR0257EBC     ND0257EBCB 
R401-403 R405                     USE NDR0281EBC             ND0281EBC  
R417-419 R                        REPLACED BY NDR0281EBC     ND0281EBC  
R422 R424 R425 R428                                          ND0281EBC  
                                  REPLACED BY NDR0281EBC     ND0281EBCC 
R412 R413 R415 R421               USE NDR0371EBC             ND0371EBC  
                                  REPLACED BY NDR0371EBC     ND0371EBC  
                                  REPLACED BY NDR0371EBC     ND0371EBCB 
R414                              USE NDR0445EBC             ND0445EBC  
                                  REPLACED BY NDR0445EBC     ND0445EBC  
R416 R426 R427          10950194  RES CBF 1/8W 1K 5%         NDR0196EBC 
                        10950194  CASE 1206 PKG OF 5         NDR0196EBC 
R406                    10950285  2.2K  5%    1/8W  CBF RES  NDR0216EBC 
                        10950285  CASE 1206 PKG OF 5         NDR0216EBC 
R411 R429               10950418  5.6K  5%    1/8W  CBF RES  NDR0257EBC 
                        10950418  CASE 1206 PKG OF 5         NDR0257EBC 
R411 R429                         5.6K  5%    1/8W  MLG RES  NDR0257EBG 
                                  CASE 1206 PKG OF 5         NDR0257EBG 
R401-403 R405           10950491  RES CBF 1/8W 10K 5%        NDR0281EBC 
R417-419 R              10950491  CASE 1206 PKG OF 5         NDR0281EBC 
R422 R424 R425 R428     10950491                             NDR0281EBC 
R412 R413 R415 R421     10950848  RES CBF 1/8W 100K 5%       NDR0371EBC 
                        10950848  CASE 1206 PKG OF 5         NDR0371EBC 
R414                    10951085  1M    5%    1/8W  CBF RES  NDR0445EBC 
                        10951085  CASE 1206 PKG OF 5         NDR0445EBC 
RR405                             RESISTOR ARRAY,HA-099 8PS  NY0115     
                                  4R1M 47K                   NY0115     
RR403 RR404 RR406                 RESISTOR ARRAY,HA-100      NY0116     
                                  6R1M 47K                   NY0116     
RR401                             RESISTOR ARRAY,HA-117      NY0117     
                                  4 47K AXIAL LEAD           NY0117     
RR402                             RESISTOR ARRAY,HA-121      NY0118     
                                  8 47K AXIAL LEAD           NY0118     
VR011 VR301 VR302                 POT,SEMI-FIXED 100 OHM     P6004      
VR304                   10973733  POT 5KB SEMI-FIXED         P6557      
                        10973733  RT-182 TT24R HORIZONTAL    P6557      
VR006                   10973741  POT 3KB SEMI-FIXED         P6558      
VR012                   10973758  POT 1KB SEMI-FIXED RT-182  P6559      
VR013                   10973790  POT 20KB SEMI-FIXED        P6642      
VR002                   10973832  POT SEMI-FIXED 100KB       P6685      
VR001 VR004 VR005                 POT,10KB SEMI-FIX RT-182   P6820      
VR303                                                        P6820      
VR009                   10973972  POT, SEMI-FIXED 200KB      P6825      
VR503                   10978047  POT,RES RV-650             PA0127     
                        10978047  SQUELCH VB12L PVB20F B50K  PA0127     
VR504                   10978054  POT,VAR RES RV-686 50KA    PA0128     
                        10978054  VOL/ON/OFF SWITCH          PA0128     
VR502                   10978062  POT,VAR RES RV-692 10KB    PA0129     
                        10978062  RIT CONTROL                PA0129     
VR501                   10978070  POT,VAR RES RV-693 1KB     PA0130     
                        10978070  RF GAIN W/PULL SWITCH      PA0130     
S613                    11054756  SWITCH,ROTARY SR-409       S0136      
                        11054756  TUNING SWITCH              S0136      
S601-603                11067402  SWITCH,SLIDE               SA0104     
                        11067402  SSFYP22-14.58 PCB MOUNT    SA0104     
S605-608 S610           11073384  SWITCH,PUSH 6 PIN          SD0073     
                        11073384                             SD0073     
S611 S612               11077427  SWITCH,TACT SW-560 SMALL   SF0042     
                        11077427  SKHJAB                     SF0042     
SP501                   11081510  SPEAKER,8OHM 5W MIDRANGE   SP0020     
                        11081510  4500HZ 3 1/2" 77MM DIA     SP0020     
                                  STOCKED  CAT# 22-120       TA0000X    
                        10892511  MIXER                      TA7320P    
T001                    11100666  TRANSFORMER,CHOKE TF-380   TB0241     
                        11393402  AF PWR AMP 16 PIN DIP      TDA1905    
                                  FOR THIS UNIT              W0000X     
WA511                   11114493  CORD, DC POWER W/PLUG      W3150      
                        11114493  21-550                     W3150      
WA501                   11117033  CABLE,COAXIAL WZ-229       WA0062     
WA511                             USE W3150                  WA0100     
                                  REPLACED BY W3150          WA0100     
WA506                   11117363  WIRE ASSY,W-71389          WA0101     
FC501                   11127040  CABLE,FLAT WF-064 3-70-3   WF0118     
FC502                   11127057  CABLE,FLAT WF-059 3-90-3   WF0119     
                                  PCB ASSY,MAIN              XB2414     
                        11140571  PCB ASSY,FRONT             XB2415     
                                  PCB ASSY,PLL               XB2416     
                                  PCB ASSY,MICON             XB2417     
                        11187143  W/PLATE DISPLAY PC SILK    Z2748      
12                      11187150  CASE,BOTTOM SB-K08 1.0T    Z2749      
                        11187150  VINYLTOP BLACK METAL       Z2749      
13                      11187168  CASE,TOP SB-K08 1.0T       Z2750      
                        11187168  VINYLTOP BLACK METAL       Z2750      
                        11232931  PLATE LCD YUPO PAPER .15T  ZC0035     
                                  NON OIL                    ZC0036     

(This list was generated on 02/03/2003)